Thursday, 11 September 2008

Quiet times here...

Damn the building trade is quiet here... Thankfully I have a bit of work on at the moment, but I just heard that a lot of people got laid off at the last place I worked. The company did it with a complete lack of style also.

Ahh yeah, Multinational Firms, always thinking about the shareholders, never the staff. They seem to forget that a happy staff will be a more productive staff. Its all about getting as many jobs out the door, forget about the quality of the work.

There has to be a balance between quality and productiveness. There is no point spending weeks on one drawing just so it looks perfect. The flip side is though, if you rush things, well mistakes happen and quality drops.

When I left, my old Dept. was still trying to produce quality work. There were some old school staff there who cared about the work the produced. I can't say the same for some other Depts. Their standards were shocking, atrocious even. I offered my services to them, to show them how spending a few hours at the start of a project setting it up correctly would benefit them further down the line, but no, they were not interested. Those tools didn't have a standard between them. No two drawings produced ever used the same layers or linetypes. Then they wondered why mistakes happened.


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