Thursday, 24 July 2008

Hello Architects...

Y'know CAD Layers are there for a reason... Windows go on one layer, doors on another, internal walls on another, walls to be demolished on yet another... You get the idea I hope.

Well why oh why oh why do you tools insist on putting everything on as few layers as possible???? They are not being rationed y'know. There is no world shortage of cad layers either, don't be shy, use them!!

Whilst I am ranting, how about using a standard layering system too! Maybe one that does not contain layers called "None" or "None1" What part of None explains that it contains the furniture???

Seriously, spend a little time on the quality of your drawing work. Remember, these drawings are circulated to the whole design team. It makes you guys look bad and gets other design team members stressed!

Thanks :)

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